BOA Rudder Sealing

BOA rudderstock stuffing box reduce maintenance costs on rudderstock, rudderstock bearing and rudder trunk to a minimum.

BOA STUFFING BOX is made of steel, with stainless security plate - the packings are of oil and acid resistant quality. The box is mounted at upper and lower end of ruddertrunk, and fastened by welding/screws. The stuffing box is made for easy installation, and can be mounted on any rudder arrangement. The rudder trunk is filled with oil/grease to protect rudderstock and trunk from rust and corrosion.


These are the main advantages with BOA stuffing box:

• Reasonable installation costs • Long lasting
• Short deliverytime • No adjusting after mounting
• Easy to mount • Prevent water entering
• Prevent oil leakage • Protect against rust and corrotion
• Oil and acid resistant packings • Stainless steel security plate
• Slanting up to 10¤ tolerated • Steel liner rudder stock not necessary


Information brochure and mounting instructions below:

BOA page 1, BOA page 2, BOA page 3, BOA page 4

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